(Little) Inktober


Hello everyone !

I am glad to be back here after months and months of silence to show you my (very little) participation to this year's Inktober challenge !
I planned to participate for the whole month, but I realised it would be too difficult to follow while working on other big projects at the moment. So I only managed to create something during the two first weeks of the month - I promise I will try harder next year ! 

It was a really nice experience, playing with ink for (almost) the first time. This medium is very similar to watercolour, but it is also very different - and that can be tricky. 

Few things I learnt during this piece of challenge, and I should have told myself at the beginning :
- Ink dries much faster than watercolour ! (at least mine), so hurry up if you have a big space to fill in - or add a lot of water to the ink.
- Even if it dries real quick, be careful with that dot you drew with your nip pen, there is A LOT of ink right there ! Well, too late, you've put your hand right on it...
- Do not hesitate to use a very fine liner to add tiny details - no, it is not cheating, your nip pen is way too big for that little eye ! You see ? I told you.

So, for this year I chose a circus theme (I am actually kind of sad I am not able to finish the challenge, because I have a whole list of 31 ideas related to circus waiting on a sheet of paper). Even if it is very small, I hope you will enjoy these little characters as much as I liked creating them !  😊
Materials I used :
- Rohrer's Antikusche ink, in black and sepia
- Brushes from Daler&Rowney, Raphaël
- An old nip pen my mum used to own 

(Click to see a larger size)



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